Friday, May 19, 2017


This is another poem from a prompt, using the words,rubik's cube, demonized and carrot. It turned out pretty good considering those words!!

Caitlin with the carrot-colored hairWent off to visit a witch so fair.Seeking help, her problem, profound.The witch’s familiar was a Basset Hound!
“What? No black cat?” Caitlin asked.“Sadly, my cat was possessed! Aghast,A corrupt thing, most surely demonized.So I changed her into this hound so fine.”
“What, my sweet,might I do for you?”While cooing to her grey morning dove.“I have looked far and wide,” the lass replied.“But cannot find my one true love.”
The witch rose to stir her cauldron stewDug deep into a magical, tapestry bagAnd handed Caitlin a rubic’s cubeWhich made the lovelorn girl quite mad!
“I beseech your help and receive a toy?”“Ah, my beauty, it will bring you joy.” For when solved, the rubic’s squares,Will bring the one for whom you care.”
The witchcraft worked on the very first try,As Caitlin sat alone in the park.A handsome, dark-eyed man ambled byAnd made a quizzical remark.
“Excuse me Miss,” he said and satBeside her on the wooden bench.“You seem to need a hand with that.”His eyes took in the lovely wench.
Moments passed with no retreat,As he twisted, turned, then it was done.The rubic’s cube was now completeCaitlin sighed, her heartstrings sung.

Far in the distance howled a soundFrom a most special Basset Hound.The witch pulled up her blood-red cowlAnd smiled; true love once more, found.

The Endor

The Beginning


  1. Micki, something wrong with the screen...unfortunately, I can't read this???? FYI xo

  2. Hi ladies! The words are there - they're just in a very pale colour! If you click and drag just under the image you'll see the words highlighted, but you can always go in & edit the post so it's in a darker colour? ;-)

  3. Tried the first but it won't say since it's published already. Tried changing to black font like in the post and it still won't change. Thanks for trying to help!!!